Digital Transport Stream Capture by USB2

Single-chip USB MPEG processor CapUSB allows capture of original MPEG2 Transport Stream from a variety of BS/CS and Terrestrial Digital tuners. With single chip USB bridge MPEG processor providing PID filtering, using USB2.0 High-Speed Bulk or Isochronous transfer mode, data rates up to 50Mbps are possible. Especially in case of 110CS broadcast, tuner clocks the signal at ~50Mbps, however the actual useful data rate is closer to 20 or 30Mbps, remaining data being null-PID (0x1fff). MPEG2 processor filters this null-PID before transmitting over USB, saving bandwidth. Signal is picked up from the NIM tuner, or in case of separate 8PSK demodulator chip, at the demod pins.

Transport stream transfer, B-CAS interface and MULTI2 decryption is handled by a software solution, only one B-CAS card is required - connected to a SmartCard reader, and not necessary for tuner operation.

TSReader input source is provided for realtime stream analysis, and BDA Driver is in development.

Supported devices

Modification of BHD-100 Modification of TT-D2000

TSReader beta 2.4.75 showing detail about NHK BS-hi broadcast (click for larger image) TSReader beta 2.4.75 with CapUSB as live source (click for larger image)



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last updated 2007/04/07