Software B-CAS Conditional Access Module with MULTI2 decoder

Athena ASE IIIe USB SmartCard reader

ARIB, together with BS Conditional Access Systems Co., Ltd created ISDB-S/T Conditional Access System named 'B-CAS'. Its detail of operation is outlined in STD-B25. With a valid subscriber card, ISO-7816 SmartCard reader, and our software, faster-than-realtime decryption of Transport Streams scrambled using B-CAS Conditional Access System is possible. In this system, ECM messages are received from Transport Stream, processed by B-CAS card, and CWs for software MULTI2 descrambler are obtained. Selected program is decrypted realtime by software. Connect this with our CapUSB for ISDB-S or ISDB-T USB Receiver, and a complete ISDB-S/T archiving solution is available! There are 3 modes of operation:

Realtime mode

TSReader plugin communicates with a local B-CAS card using standard PC/SC interface.

Card Server mode

Network-enabled TSReader plugin communicates with a card server on LAN, which provides shared access to B-CAS card. Up to 20 local clients can connect to one card server, providing descramble functionality. Realtime archiving of entire region's ISDB-T or ISDB-S mux is possible by using TSReader Professional and multiple CapUSB or ISDB-T USB receivers.

Offline High-speed mode

Full mux archived recording is ran through a offline descrambler, which processes the stream at over 500mbit/second depending on storage array speeds. Decrypted program is then written to disk.

TSReader 2.4.75f showing Realtime mode descramble of MULTI2-encrypted program (click for larger image) TSReader 2.4.75f showing Card Server mode descramble through a server in remote location (click for larger image)

TSReader 2.4.75f showing live source decoding (click for larger image)



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last updated 2007/05/28