CapUSB 1394 Edition

Wouldn't it be nice if you could take a room full of old D-VHS tapes and archive them to a nice RAID5 array to watch anything, instantly, on-demand? Well, now you can! CapUSB 1394 Edition is a hardware modification inside Toshiba TT-D2000 BS-Digital Receiver(and others) which allows the user to capture INCOMING 1394 signal from D-VHS, AVHDD, another Tuner, D-Theater player, etc etc in original, clear, MPEG2 Transport Stream. A single-chip solution has been developed and confirmed working with copy-once recorded D-VHS source tapes. Because the signal is lifted from a non-protected bus, there is no reverse engineering or decryption necessary.

Update: Field-programmable configurable TS pre-processor "TSCV" to support serial and custom framed Transport Stream. Parallel TS PCB updated to rev3, layout and component changes.

USB MPEG2 Processor board
adapter board inside TT-D3000 - SPDIF plug replaced with USB TSCV adapter, with configurable TS pre-processor. adapter board inside SIR-T165

Supported devices

If you don't see your tuner/STB listed above

And it has firewire, and you want it supported by CapUSB 1394, please contact.

Capture any firewire source easily

Capture ANYTHING Diagram
With the USB interface in the STB, you can use firewire network to connect to any controllable AV/C source, such as TV, DVHS, AVDisk, etc. Once the signal (even 5C protected) passes into the STB, it's picked up by the USB interface in the clear.



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last updated 2009/05/08