2006/07/25: This page has been ignored for years. Mostly due to the fact that DGMpgDec (formerly DGDecode) implemented native support for BSDigital MPEG-2 Transport Streams, as well as AAC demux support. Some of my TS parsing and AAC demux code was used as reference, so it's not all wasted. Therefore, instead of using this old version, you should all use DGMpgDec. This page is left here for historical reasons.

2004/01/21: I put up a new version which should correctly find AAC audio in streams where AAC is not on the primary stream, as well as (more or less) fixing the "Known Issue" of not writing the final frame at the end of the .ts file.

What is this?

Using this modification to DVD2AVI 1.77.3, you can load MPEG-2 Transport Streams (.ts files) directly for processing video and demuxing AAC audio. Primary purpose is to interface with MPEG2DEC3.dll for Avisynth 2.5, which can directly read MPEG-2 Transport Streams, reducing production time greatly, since separate demux of video and audio is no longer necessary. This modified version of DVD2AVI will scan MPEG-2 Transport Stream, (optionally) demux AAC audio, and save D2V project file in a format readable by MPEG2DEC3.dll.

This modification will only read 188-byte TS packets. And since not a single person contacted me since I put this up, I assume either nobody cares about anything except 188 byte, or they are too fucking stupid to figure out how to email me.

Once D2V project file is created, you can use MPEG2DEC3.dll version 1.10 or newer, and MPEG2Source("project.d2v") to access to the video inside the Transport Stream. Demuxed AAC audio can be decoded using FAAD of AACDECDROP.

Scanning time for a 30gb .ts file is approximately 10-15 minutes depending on CPU speed.



1) somefile.ts
2) dvd2avi-ts
3) save d2v project (and demux AAC)
4) decode aac to wav
5) make avs, MPEG2Source() + WAVSource()
6) encode


dvd2avi-ts screenshot
Notice the additional display of auto-detected video and audio PIDs.

This is targeted primarily at Japanese BS-Digital transport streams. This was only tested with my equipment (tuner), and not a DVHS deck. This only considers 188-byte TS stream (not 192byte some DVHS produces). Patches to address this are welcome.

Report problems to timecop at pbx dot mine dot nu
or find me on efnet. Enjoy this while it lasts - starting April 2004 all BS-Digital broadcasts
will carry "Copy-Once" flag. Too late.

- timecop@efnet

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